There are two ways to determine if your organization needs to be registered:

  • If your organization is not listed on Gator Connect under “Find an Organization”, it is not an active organization. Call the department (352-392-1671) to open up access to register a previous organization.
  • Your organization may be listed but your officer dashboard says “Update my Organization”. If no submission appears under this tab, your organization needs to submit its registration. Click the button and follow the prompts to complete your registration. Any officer listed on GatorConnect has access to do so.
If you know your organization needs to be registered, but the organization name isn’t showing up, give us a call to open access to the organization. We keep inactive and locked organizations hidden from view so students do not use outdated contact information for your organizations. Call our office (352-392-1671) and ask to have your organization’s status be changed so you can complete registration.
Any officer listed on a student organization profile in GatorConnect has access to register an organization. Each organization can choose to designate an officer to complete the registration. If you are concerned that an unauthorized individual is attempting to register your organization, please notify Student Activities & Involvement (SAI) as soon as possible for us to verify the registration application.
Our goals is to review them as quickly as we are able. It typically takes our staff 10-15 business days to review your registration application. Make sure your organization is attentive to emails and information coming from Student Activities and Involvement and/or GatorConnect.
Each organization’s officer dashboard will display the organization’s registration status. My clicking on the registration submission, any officer will be able to see notes/comments left by Student Activities & Involvement staff, add notes themselves about the registration, and see the status (pending, approved, denied).

If your organization’s registration has been denied, view the notes section of the registration to learn why and what, if any, next steps to take.

Advisors must be a full-time, salaried faculty or professional staff member at the University of Florida. This individual must submit an Advisor Verification Form (found on GatorConnect) at the time of registration and will be approved during the registration process for student organizations.
Yes, contact Student Activities & Involvement via phone 352-392-1671 or email and provide the following information: officer position, full name, UFID, and UF directory email.
Student organizations are allowed to update the name of their organization. Follow the steps below to do so. Contact us by email to assist in outlining your next steps.
Registered student organizations receive reduced rates for University space. If you missed the registration cycle and as a result no longer are registered, you may still be allowed to utilize space on campus, however your rates are likely to change. Please connect with the venue and discuss opportunities to continue utilizing their space until you are able to make the next registration cycle.
Yes, contact Student Activities & Involvement via phone (352-392-1671) or email and provide the following information: officer position, full name, UFID, and UF directory email. This information should be immediately updated after an election cycle.

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