Getting started

As a support system for a student organization, the advisor plays an integral role in its success by serving as an educator, coach, supporter, and mentor to the organization’s executive board and membership. This experience also provides an opportunity for students to interact with an eligible advisor outside of a classroom setting around a shared interest which continues to advance our students education and application of skill sets.


In order to serve as a student organization advisor, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • A University of Florida full-time, salaried faculty or staff member
  • Must be present the entire academic year (cannot be on extended leave for more than 30 days)
  • Must complete required University trainings
  • May advise an organization outside of field of study or discipline
  • Upon invitation to serve or within registration cycles, successful completion of the Advisor Verification Form

Please Note: Graduate assistants, teaching assistants, OPS staff, some adjunct professors, non-professional staff, post-doctoral associates or fellows, courtesy appointments, and affiliates may not be eligible to serve as the advisor of record for a student organization.

Your Role as an advisor

Each student organization has its own identity, is unique, and contributes to the university community in a variety of ways. As an organization advisor, your role is to guide, challenge, and support the students involved in their quest for innovation and advancement of our university community.


  • Encourage networking, community building, and supportive behaviors
  • Educate membership on appropriate university policies and campus resources
  • Maintain regular contact with the student organization
  • Attend educational opportunities and/or trainings provided to advisors
  • Report behaviors that impact the community



  • Collaboration with students surrounding shared interests, topics, or experiences
  • Demonstrate commitment to the advancement of the university
  • Develop mentoring relationships outside of an academic setting
  • Facilitate a student’s growth and development of transferable skill sets
  • Empower emerging leaders by challenging perspectives leading to a positive impact on the future

Advisor Verification Form

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