What are Signature Events?

Signature Events are campus events recognized by the Department of Student Activities & Involvement as having a significant impact or the potential to have a significant impact on student engagement at the University of Florida. Signature Events promote a vibrant and diverse student experience that prepares Gators to engage, transform, and thrive in an evolving global community. As officially recognized University events, Signature Events are led and funded through Student Activities & Involvement, in collaboration with student leader volunteers. Student Activities & Involvement staff will meet regularly with and provide training and support to the student leader volunteers to ensure the Signature Events leave a lasting impact on the campus community.

Application deadline extended to February 25, 2022!

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Eligibility & Terms

All Registered Student Organizations or a coalition of Registered Student Organizations are eligible to submit their program to be considered as a Signature Event. All submissions will be reviewed by a committee of Student Life staff to determine which events will receive a Signature Event designation. Once selected, a Signature Event program will be supported for three years, with an annual evaluation between Student Activities & Involvement staff and the student leader volunteers. At the end of three years, a Signature Event can reapply for a Signature Event designation. As an officially recognized university event, Signature Events are departmentally led and under the oversight of the Department of Student Activities & Involvement. Membership for the Signature Event programs will be composed of student members of the submitting RSOs (Registered Student Organizations). Members will receive direct advising and support from Student Activities & Involvement staff to develop and implement the Signature Event program.


Signature Events Benefits

Three Years

Signature Events receive fully guaranteed support from UF Campus Engagement for a three-year period.


Signature Events receive dedicated advising and event-planning support from the Department of Student Activities & Involvement.


Signature Events benefit from promotional and marketing support from the Division of Student Life.


Signature Event Criteria

  • Signature Events must be submitted by a Registered Student Organization or coalition of Registered Student Organizations.

  • Signature Events are intended to enhance the campus and student experience for University of Florida students and should attract or have the capacity to attract over 500 students.

  • Signature Events must establish a connection to and be in congruence with the pillars and values of the University of Florida and the Division of Student Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

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